Team building is about providing the skills, training and resources that your people need, so that they can work in harmony. But, to be truly effective, it needs to be a continual process, embedded into your team and organization's culture.

So it takes a team building action. Skilled leaders are then very eager to use seemingly proven methods to turn a group of people into a true team. And just in the way they had learned it as functional: press this button, then you get that effect. So all types of events are booked, which for hours or days pretend the perfect team world and leave behind hefty expenses rather quickly "nothing".

Unfortunately, teambuilding does not work that way with people. Take a look at any top team from any area. Were those down in rubber boats sent down rivers and then pocketed world championship title? No. Such measures are nice, fun, nice and relax the atmosphere. Not more. However, leadership and team building is not delegable.

Team building activities and games are supposed to be not only educational, but also enjoyable. They help the team learn about each other — how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun. One such game is storytelling for business. This involves looking at all the great stories that your organisation has had over the years and then telling an organisational story through these individual stories. For example, talk about how an event related to your business affected you and what you learned.

Set-piece team building exercises are one way to strengthen the bonds within your team, but they are not a shortcut to success. Instead, you need to make team building part of your group’s mindset.

Strong teams can benefit from team building exercises; they're a great way of improving communication, morale, motivation, productivity, helping employees or new teams to get to know each other better, and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

So expect only the best of your team and offer them your full support - you will be rewarded with self-confident, satisfied employees and improved performance!