I've frequently seen people misinterpret what Matt or John says to an even greater degree than this. You may find yourself wanting to switch directions, adopt new strategies, or simply try out a new provider. Pricing aside, these two pages are identical, so you need to use hreflang tags to explain to search engines why the two versions exist. Prepare the qualifiers.

Write a keyword-rich introduction about link building

For several years, the company was the primary seller of the product referenced by the retailer, which at the time didn't sell directly to consumers; A www (www.yoursite.com) version and non-www (http://yoursite.com) version of your homepage/website. If this is the case, you are going to need to build more links. For example, adding an interesting gif in the middle of a textual content where your reader can stop and (probably) have a quick laugh.

Matching Google: the evolution of exact ranking in Google My Business

How often are these articles getting links (ie link velocity)? That, Ninjas, is almost impossible. The biggest mistake I find search engine optimization (SEO) copywriters making is attempting to substitute a generic term for a specific keyphrase. Google is getting smarter - to the point of becoming an AI with a LOT of personal information about its uses. Google is increasingly understanding what content actually means, rather than just what it says You should not try to'trick' Google.

Find a good selection of websites using interesting inbound links

It's not a good idea to straight-up copy a competitor's strategy, but you can use this as a research and learning tool to fuel your own strategic approach. Stale content isn't always your fault. Some of these people may work directly for you. Gaz Hall, from SEO Hull, had the following to say: "Bonus article 2: The quick and dirty guide to pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads."

The truth about googlebot crawlers

We had a client recently that was forced to rebuild their entire website, purely because the development company that built it used their own custom platform. Here?s what I can say, and it?s not a personal opinion, but a common fact: PPC brings results fast, but you have to pay all the time. The sums get rather big. And you never know for sure, whether PPC will pay for itself, or it?s just money down the drain. It is very difficult to make a name for your brand among all of the many others, especially if the product or service you provide is in a market niche that is very competitive. Nonetheless, this is one of the places you want to pay attention to as Google will use it when trying to understand what your page is about.