With tightening marketing budgets, more companies use in-house advertising resources. Many products become top of mind or top choice due to brand equity. Movement means making a bunch of changes to a site based on hunches. Businesses consider social media a key element of their SEO strategies.

Quality over quantity when it comes to doorway sites

Search engines will not consider your site to be an authority if the links are only emanating from one type of source. Make sure you understand the acceptable performance baselines, the scheduled maintenance times, and the change request methodology (if any). Thin content on category pages can also arise when drilling down into faceted category navigation until a page is reached with no products. SEO metrics should be continually analyzed and the results should be reviewed to see if progress toward various goals takes place.

Linking to related posts

Good servers are usually expensive, but if your site is meant to make money, this is something you definitely want to invest in. If you were to post a photograph of your product on your website - Imagine your product is the best pen in the world, you would want your image to say that it's the best pen in the world, wouldn't you? Rather than simply being a data glitch, certain search engine experts are already starting to call this update 'Securageddon'. Instead of writing on-page copy for the sole purpose of repeating a keyword multiple times, you should write about your product or service or idea naturally, and let your keyword variations naturally fall into place. If that doesn't happen, go back and spring in some variations into the content so that the same message gets across, just optimized!

Short Story: The truth about analysis

Place special importance on your H1 tag in particular. SEO is here to serve not only you - a website owner, blogger, entrepreneur but most of all a user who, at the same time, is your potential visitor, follower, happy customer and dedicated brand advocate. Find out who is linking to them. Gaz Hall, from SEO Hull, had the following to say: "Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%"

Fascinating web 2.0 tactics that can help your business grow

The internet has tons of link rots in the form of errors emanating from expired hosting, messes during site transfers, hyperlink and typing mistakes that lead to the dreaded 404 error pages. It may seem quite fascinating for your website to have a lot of content for a lot of people. However, it is not okay is using and spinning the same information over and over again just to stay in sight. Backlinking has a similar effect on ranking. How do soldiers and generals alike prepare for battle?