However, this focus on beating the competition also has some drawbacks. The easiest way to correct this is to get rid of the duplicate content. In particular, you should be on the lookout for 404 and 410 errors. Hiring someone in-house is almost always more expensive, and you might get inferior quality work as well.

Things your competitors know about plugins

The better a web page's search engine optimization, the higher a ranking it will achieve in search result listings. This is also a good tool to use to determine whether your content is likely to be considered duplicate by Google. Quality image reengineering programs require companies to remain consistent with a previous image while at the same time incorporating new elements to expand the firm's target audience. Increasing sales can be accomplished through price changes, contests, or coupons.

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For years, we've heard links compared to votes, where the more votes you get, the more authoritative (or popular) you are. To a larger degree, your backlink profile is made up of backlinks from external sites (also known as referring domains) that contribute to the overall strength, relevance and diversity of your domain's backlink profile. If you want to dive deeper into on page optimization, check out this on page SEO guide from Moz. Essentially, you've made your links invisible to them, while still generating traffic to your website.

Make use of free tools to check forums

Did you follow the best practices of on-site optimization? If you've recently changed topic focus or hosted an abnormal guest blog, the sudden alteration in authority could slightly interfere with your rank as well. In a nutshell, the above-mentioned algorithms factor in how many other websites link to your website, including pages shared through social posts, pages mentioned in blogs, pages referenced in online news articles and digital magazines, plus pages linked as online resources, including online listings and reviews. According to SEO Consultant, Gaz Hall: "These three top positions are coveted, as they get tons of visibility and traffic, but you can't necessarily achieve them with a traditional national SEO campaign and a couple of extra keywords."

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Ranking in Google requires a large volume of relevant content that matches search intent & delivers the information the user was searching for. Not only is similar content terrible for SEO (and duplicated content can really destroy your online authority), it can be damaging to your brand identity as well. Of course, this particular ascertation is not a guarantee Google will do the same for your site, but the indication is there that an article introduction should be completed with the meta description as a focus. When domain names within the gTLD namespace reach their domain expiry date, they enter a so-called expired (or grace) period that lasts for 40 days (if the domain owner does not renew the domain before the expiry date).